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Mommy Makeover

Probably the most common group of patients Dr. James Shaw sees at Shaw Plastic Surgery in Wichita, Kansas are women who are done having children and looking for a mommy makeover. Pregnancy and breast feeding usually cause permanent changes in the breasts and abdomen. The breasts often have a combination of skin stretching and volume loss. The abdominal skin may be loose or have varying degrees of damage from stretching. Sometimes C-section scars create a “shelf” of loose skin above the scar. Many moms work very hard to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. But the changes to the breasts and abdomen are not likely to fully resolve despite her commitment to dieting and exercise. The mommy makeover is the surgical option to regain some of the pre-pregnancy form.

This surgery involves improving the breasts and abdomen at the same time. Breast augmentation using and implant is used when volume needs to be replaced. Breast lift is recommended if the nipple position is now too low or there is excess skin. Some patients will benefit from both lifting and placing an implant.

Tummy tuck is done to improve the abdominal appearance. This allows for removal of excess skin and stretch damage on the lower part of the abdomen. Liposuction is usually helpful for areas of fullness on the upper abdomen. There may be other areas that would benefit from liposuction during the same surgical setting.

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