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Breast Revision Surgery

Women often come to Dr. James Shaw in Wichita, KS for breast revision surgery. Perhaps changes have occurred over time or maybe they had a previous breast surgery elsewhere and are seeking to have breast implants removed or replaced and the appearance improved. Breast revision surgery can be more complex than the initial breast implant surgery and additional experience and techniques will help to achieve the best outcome.

Dr. Shaw is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has more than 20 years’ experience performing breast surgery including breast revision surgery.

Reasons For Revision

Size—There are a variety ways that a woman’s breasts can change over time. Pregnancy can cause undesirable changes in the breast appearance, as can significant weight fluctuations. In addition, normal aging can increase or decrease overall breast size. This can lead patient’s to desire a change to larger or smaller breast implants.

Position—Sometimes the position of the breast implant can change over time. Gravity can cause the implant to move to a lower position than originally intended. A tight scar capsule around the breast implant can cause to implant to move up higher than is desired. Dr. Shaw will help you evaluate these issues and develop a plan that meets your specific needs.

Scar Capsule Contracture—It is normal for your body to form a scar capsule around the breast implant. In a small percentage of patients that scar can become thicker or tighter than necessary. This can make the implant feel too firm and often pushes the implant to a higher location than is desired. In this situation, a surgery might be required to release the tight scar.

Breast Revision Surgery Designed For You

Dr. Shaw realizes that not all revision breast surgeries are alike. He will evaluate your specific situation and your concerns. Dr. Shaw will discuss with you the options available and his recommendations. This can include new breast implants using a different size, shape, or position. In some cases, the patient will choose to have the implants removed without being replaced. Dr. Shaw may also recommend a breast lift to reposition the breast into a more desired shape.


Secondary breast surgery is typically done under general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center. Dr. Shaw only utilizes board-certified anesthesiologists and fully accredited surgery facilities. Typically there is less discomfort following breast revision surgery than there was after the original surgery. Dr. Shaw recommends that patients stay home and minimize area activity for the first few days. Return to normal activity is expected after a few weeks. Wearing a sports bra will help stabilize your implants and decrease discomfort that comes with excessive movement.

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